How Sex Doll Manufacturers Cater to Customization Requests

adult sex doll Alice Dancergirldoll

In the process of development of each industry, the process of this industry is slowly maturing. How consumers choose a certain service, this is a problem that we are worth thinking about. At this time, after our research. We find that in the life size sex doll industry, more and more people choose to meet their own personalized services. In such a momentum we need to carefully consider the needs of customers.
First, we need to focus on requirements analysis. Now it’s time to design some options for customers to choose from. Skin tone, hair color. If there are other customers with different needs, we can also meet them. For example, adding voice modules can mimic our speech.The use of silicone and tpe makes the real sex doll easier to use and more durable
Personalization is a challenge. Making a real sex doll takes half a day to meet customer requirements. Personalized service will increase the cost, which is our challenge
When dolls become realistic, there are also some problems, like the lack of consent can lead to a violation of privacy. That’s what we need to avoid.
Although there are many challenges, we will also give our customers the best service. Turn the challenge into an opportunity for us to expand the market

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