How to buy a good new sex doll?

Let me tell you the steps,I suggest 2 steps, maybe you can take my advice.

Find the sex dolls sales website from google.

First, check the website if get authorized from the sex doll brands companies,if they have got the authorizations, basic you can trust this website , but don’t get too excited,Fake doll websites can copy other people’s authorization letters from authorization websites, and then change some of letters from the original authorization letter, so that consumers can’t find the truth.So, this just the first one step and have a rough idea for the trust sex dolls on sales shop on the internet.

Second, check the price to judge if this website is a real website that sells good sex dolls. In generally , the price of TPE sex dolls is between 1200-1800 US dollars. If you need to add some options, such as finger joint,voice function,heat function,implanted hair, gel breast, EVO skeleton,or publish hair, the price of a TPE sex doll may rise to 2,000 US dollars or more; the price of a silicone sex doll is from 1,500-2,500 US dollars , it depends on the sex dolls brand’s price list, if the makeup is very realistic and attractive, or if the doll need implanted hair,it will increase your price according.

Finally, we must pay attention for the reputation and reviews from customers. In specially, we must pay attention to the customer’s reviews from TDF,  If these customers give positive comments and evaluates, then you can trust the website and these lifelike adult dolls.

If you are confused about this, you can contact me. I have been in the sex doll industry more than 4 years, and I often go to many brands factories to check the life size sex dolls. You can reach me at www.dancergirldoll.com. My name is Danny Yang. Welcome your inquiries.

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