How to choose your sex doll?

This blog will help you to choose your sex doll,hope you can like it and make a good decision.

1 – Do not choose a doll too heavy for your physical capacities! Take into consideration your own weight and physical strength. Sex dolls have a metal frame: They are heavy! Do not forget that you will need to move her. You want to place her in the correct position.

If it’s too heavy, you’ll have to work harder when posing for her. After you’ve finished posing, you won’t have much energy to play with her.

But now many adult silicone sex dolls with weight reduction version weigh between 28-35KG, you can try it, the silicone hands and hand feel closer to real people, the high-quality silicone is platinum silicone, when you playing with your sex doll together, your experience is completely different.it’s really like a real woman.

2 – Insert (removable) vagina or fixed vagina?
If your doll is heavy and that you do not want to move her around and/or having to bring her in the shower after usage, you will need the removable vagina. I first didn’t want to have one because I thought that it would look not so real. It makes in fact no difference. Aesthetically, it looks the same.

However, if your doll is not that heavy. You may prefer the fixed vagina.

Both have pros and cons.
In summary, based on my experience with both options: If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, take a fixed vagina.

3 – You will want your sex doll to be able to stand
If you will most likely usually use it. Sex dolls can not keep their balance as humans do so, it is quite hard to get her standing, however, if you do not want to damage her feet when you move her around, then you will need the standing feet option.

Drawback: you can not bring her in your bath or in your hot tub with you if she has these metal knobs under her feet. It will rust.
Please keep in mind that you can anyway not bathe with a sex doll that has a body heating system.

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